Steve’s book, "The Seeds of Spring: Lessons from the Garden," was published in 2010. He has appeared on the “New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough” and on dozens of radio programs. "The Seeds of Spring" earned an award from the Garden Writers Association and won an International Book Award.

His blog, In Sight, was launched in 2013. His first works of short fiction, "The Patient" and "Straw Man," were also published that year. Since then, he has published science-fiction stories in The Colored Lens,  Perihelion and Aurora Wolf magazines and in the print/Kindle collection Visions V: Milky Way.

Steve Bates is an experienced writer and editor who is accepting freelance writing assignments.

He has been a reporter and editor for The Washington Post as well as for other newspapers, magazines and the web. He has a wide range of expertise in business news, general news and feature writing. Steve writes with precision, perspective and a strong voice.

 Steve Bates

Steve has covered national political events and has written many hard news articles. But in addition, he excels at human interest stories.

He learned of two boys who needed life-saving transplants. A surgeon in Philadelphia sliced an adult donor’s liver in half and saved both boys’ lives. But there was more to the story: Steve related the inspiring manner in which the two very different families—one from Bolivia, one from rural America—bonded while their children were in surgery.

Listen to Steve discuss his writing projects in this 2016 podcast.                                            571-442-7186

Steve has won numerous awards for his work, including a Jesse H. Neal Award for business journalism in 2009 and an investigative reporting award in 1990 for team coverage of riots in Virginia Beach, Va.

Steve is affordable and flexible and handles tight deadlines well. He lives in the Northern Virginia suburbs and will travel as needed to get the story right. He is available for editing as well.

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